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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happens on social media reaches out to the whole world.


Gone are the good old days of hiding your business progress to protect it from the evil eye or the evil eyed competitors. Thanks to Social Media, Privacy rests in peace.

We at Screwdriver create an online spark that you are looking for your brand, website, products or services with fun and creative methods.

We understand the importance of social media. And We leverage the ever-growing target internet population for the benefit of our Clients.

Working with various MainStream Agencies, we may not be able to showcase everything in public domain but just a face to face interaction is enough to prove ourselves so let us meet you.. talk to you & discuss what your business/service/cause needs to surpass your own expectations from Internet.

We believe that Likes may not be the best way gauge the success but the way we position you & the way people around you (known or unknown) start perceiving about you is what matters..!

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