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Our Production Process

Content Research and Development

Content is the king and to make that happen we make sure that we seek the raw content from the clients or we take a subject expert on board who help us in research and development of content which is vetted by another content expert before initiating the production process.

Script with Screenplay

Then a script writer writes the script with the visual screenplay which adds the element of better communication infotainment and make the content interesting. After that we choose the treatment for the production. We also make sure that the end output is as per the target audience whether it is the profiling of target audience (demographics, education background and financial background) or his traits.


We divide the complete film into sub segments. Our team starts working with their respective tasks, animation team starts with the animation, Shoot team starts with shooting of the content and Special effects team starts with SFX.

Post Production

Once our teams are done with their respective work, the process of post-production or editing starts, we integrate the graphics, music, sound effects. With our team of skilled and experienced editors, we make sure that we come up with a video which meets up our client’s expectation and is apt for their target audience.

Quality Control

We do the language check, Spell check and uniformity check once the video is completed. Brand/video guidelines are also checked.

Master and Handover

We convert the videos into different resolutions and formats as per the requirement of client and their LMS. Open files are also handed over at this stage.

Going Vernacular

At this stage we can also do the Translation, Subtitle integration and Dubbing of the videos into multiple Indian and International languages as per need of our client.